Mixed Media Abstract Artist 

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About Me-

Perhaps it’s because as a kid I had a one box allowance when dad got transferred, I have certainly made up for lost time in the accumulation department since then. Becoming a mixed media artist only made my stash bigger, so big, in fact that I own an online and pop up vintage shop and art gallery. 

Theresa Wells Stifel 

I revere the craftsmanship, intricacy, and beauty of bygone fabric, fashion and notions.  Being able to integrate them into my work so they take a new function as art (rather than end up in a land fill) makes me happy.   

I am primarily self-taught as an artist.  My mother was my  instructor of all the “old fashioned” arts: the embroidery and needlework I enjoy integrating into my work. Incorporating waste and vintage ephemera papers, especially in my abstract work, is also something I find fulfilling.  

My mission is to create a piece bold enough to stand on it's own when viewing across a wide room but that is intricate enough to make you want to walk up close and marvel at the bits that make up the whole.